The Endless Oracle Deck

Created by Eric

Hand-Illustrated Myriorama Oracle Deck

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Year Update
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 04, 2023 at 01:22:37 AM

Happy New Year everyone!

First of all- by now, most of us should have our rewards, or at least have received tracking information from BackerKit!

 If you haven’t received either of these things, there’s a good chance that I’ve e-mailed you regarding any delays- such as asking for additional shipping information. Note that BackerKit and AppleID don’t really get along very well. So if you backed this Kickstarter using an AppleID, you might not be getting e-mails!

I’ll be sending the last of the rewards very soon, with the possible exception of those orders which might require additional shipping information!

So again, if you haven’t received your rewards or a tracking e-mail from BackerKit and you’re not sure why- look in your junk mail (just in case I’ve been trying to reach you)

Reminder For International Backers: Be sure to keep an eye on your tracking once you get it- Some countries may require certain import taxes be paid upon receipt, meaning they might hold your items once they arrive. Keep an eye on tracking updates so that you can be aware whether or not you need to go and claim your items in person.

Reminder For Wholesale Backers: Due to counterfeit concerns, I like to keep a list of wholesale clients on my website so that buyers can verify they’ve purchased my work from legitimate retailers. Please send me a link to your online store or website if you haven’t already, so that I can be sure to list you as a verified retail client.

Now that things are finally wrapping up here, I’m taking things down from the BackerKit pre-order store and moving them over to my personal website and etsy stores! 

If you end up deciding you’re interested in buying a second copy of the Endless Oracle deck, or any of my other work- you can find all of that in the links below!

My Website - (best for shipping in the US)

Etsy - (best for international shipping)

Keep in mind that right now, the inventory for the Endless Oracle is limited- and future reprints of the deck may not have all the extra additions that were possible only through the success of this campaign!

Finally I want to share some information about what’s next!

If you follow me on Patreon or social media, you already know that I have lots of projects planned out for the future! Last October, I announced three major projects that I’ve been working on through out the past year:

  • An “apothecary-themed” oracle deck, which is a collaboration between me, Thomas from Hermit’s Mirror, and Michael Anthony from the Diviner Life.
  • An “Artists’ Oracle” which is an oracle deck based on the tools, styles, and experiences of artists.
  • And the “Ink Seer” tarot deck; a sort of spiritual successor to the Ink Witch Tarot, featuring more detailed and colorful artwork than it’s predecessor.

I also just announced a fourth project on my social media, which I think you’ll all be very excited for:

The Endless Tarot Deck, a myriorama-style tarot deck companion to the Endless Oracle.

All of these projects are only in their most early stages of production, and my major priority for now is going to be completing the artwork for the collaborative apothecary deck. This means it may be some time before you see these decks hitting Kickstarter!

There are several ways you can keep up to date about my work if any of these projects sound interesting to you!

Join me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! I’m most active on instagram, but always post major updates on all three platforms.

If you don’t love social media, or only want the most essential information- you can also sign up for my e-mail list and receive a monthly newsletter about what I’m focused on for each month of the year.

Patreon is also a great way to support work! Patrons not only get access to sneak peeks of all my ongoing projects- they get to vote in polls and help me make important decisions, they get exclusive blog posts and video content, they get personalized monthly tarot readings, and even get art mailed directly to their homes!

I’m so grateful for how well the Endless Oracle’s campaign has gone here on Kickstarter, and I’m so honored to have had your generous and kind support for this project.

 I’ll be posting some final little updates in the future as necessary, but as I begin posting here much less-  I hope you’ll choose to keep in touch with on social media and on Patreon!

Shipping (Almost) Complete
about 1 month ago – Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 06:39:06 PM

Things are not quite finished as far as shipping goes- but they’re close enough that I felt I should post a small update!

Chances are, your order has shipped and either already arrived or will be reaching you very soon!

The exceptions to this are:

Pre-orders that were placed on BackerKit after the Kickstarter ended in September (though many of these have shipped as well)

Rewards for backers who specifically requested that their shipment be held for now.

and rewards for backers who were missing mailing address or payment information: If you fall into this group- you’ve either received an e-mail from BackerKit or myself, or both- so please get back to us soon so that we can get your cards in the mail!

Some of you are already aware, and have helped bring it to my attention, that I’ve been experiencing some issues with shipping and tracking confirmation e-mails not being sent out.

Some people seem to have received an e-mail that their items were shipped without any problems at all. Others have been receiving this e-mail late- after their rewards were already shipped or even after they had already been delivered. I suspect that this might be due to a bit of a lag between my shipping fulfillment program “ShipStation” and BackerKit, which might be due to the sheer volume of items being processed through both platforms.

Please be mindful that if you don’t fall into one of the categories of backers above, who have not yet had their rewards shipped- your items are likely on their way to you even if your shipping notification is running a little bit late. I ask that you give just a little bit more of your patience as you wait for that e-mail to arrive. However, if you believe your order should have shipped already and don’t see that notification by the end of the month- please feel free to reach out to me! I’ll be happy to check on it for you and send you the tracking for it myself at that time if you still haven't received notice from BakerKit. Until then, I'll be taking a little time off to spend the holidays with my family, so I may be somewhat slower to respond to other messages an e-mails. 

I’ll be sharing a few final updates in the near future, but now that most of this campaign has been completed, you might not be hearing from me very much! That being said, I wanted to take another moment to thank everyone once again for their tremendous support. I hope you all enjoy the Endless Oracle as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 

I wish you all happy holidays, and very pleasant end to your year!

- Eric

December Update
2 months ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2022 at 12:56:11 AM

Since it’s a new month I just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you all know that I’m still packing rewards. Not much of an update, I know- but personally anytime I order something online, I like to know that my shipment hasn’t been forgotten! So, this update is mostly just reassurance that if your rewards haven’t arrived yet, I haven’t forgotten you! There’s just a LOT to get done! I also take a lot of pride in my packing and want to ensure that everyone’s items are packaged carefully!

In hindsight, I think a lot of you were much more aware of how long this would take me than I was! But this is my first Kickstarter after all, and I’m learning! Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Right now I have a little more than a third of the shipments left to fulfill, but I’ll be posting again once orders have all been shipped out- so please keep on your inbox for future updates!

Small Shipping Updates
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 22, 2022 at 06:21:02 PM

Hello all! Shipping is well underway (as you likely already know) and I just want to give everyone a small update as these decks begin finding their way out into the world.

I’m getting rewards shipped bit by bit in manageable batches, and while I’ve had some much-appreciated help getting things packed, this is still mostly a one-man operation and will continue to take quite a bit of time. I’m just now a little more than half-way finished fulfilling all of the shipments at this point and am hoping to get the other half in the mail soon! That being said, I will be taking a small break this week to spend some time with my family for the upcoming holiday here in the US. So if you haven’t received your rewards yet, please continue to be patient!

For Wholesale Backers

At this stage, all wholesale rewards have either been shipped or have been delayed due to incomplete payment or shipping information. I’ve e-mailed wholesale backers who still need to fill out missing information, so if you haven’t received a notification that your order has shipped- check your inbox or spam folder for that e-mail!

For International Backers

I’m far from finished sending out all international shipments. However, if you are a backer from a country outside the United States and have received a notification that your order has shipped- keep a close eye out for it! You may be responsible for paying additional import taxes when your item arrives. In this case, your item may be held by your local customs authority until those payments are made. Items that are not retrieved can be sent back to the US and easily become lost in the mail- so if you want your rewards, just keep a close eye out of them and be mindful of this possibility! I will be sure to share an update once all international orders have been shipped so that if your notification got lost in your e-mail or spam, you’ll know it’s time to let me know you’re missing tracking information.

And for everyone who’s supported this project

Thank you once again for all of your patience! This project grew much larger than I ever anticipated so things are unfortunately taking a bit more time to finish, but I’ve been so excited to start getting the Endless Oracle out into the world. I’ve loved seeing posts about it beginning to show up on social media, and I cannot wait to finish shipping out your rewards! If you’re celebrating any kind of thanksgiving, harvest, or autumn celebration this week I wish you all the best! Either way, take this is as a gentle reminder to rest and be kind to yourself. I’ll begin shipping out rewards again very soon!

Time to Start Shipping!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 12:48:37 AM

The decks are finally coming in! I received several boxes of them today and am expecting to receive the rest of them tomorrow!

I’m planning to get started packing things up right away, so everyone will hopefully be getting their rewards before the end of the month! 

My plan is to begin with wholesale backers, as these are the largest orders that will need to be shipped, this way I can clear I out some workspace a little more quickly. Kickstarter and BackerKit appear to be organized a little differently, making it difficult to discern who the earliest backers were, so I don’t think I’ll be able to follow the wholesale shipments on a “first come, first serve” basis. Instead I’ll be shipping things in smaller manageable batches. I’ll be hard at work getting everyone’s rewards sent out, but please remain patient as this process will take a little while.

For international backers, please remember that additional import taxes may due when you receive your rewards! Items can sometimes be held by customs authorities until those taxes are paid, requiring you to pick them personally!

I am so excited to finally have copies of the deck in front of me, and I can’t wait to get them in front of you all. Your support toward this project has meant the world to me! Keep an eye out for updates as we finally begin to wrap things up!